Xeon cache performance?
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Dear CPU Scorekeeper

I am looking for benchmarks for a MS SQLServer Database application and trying to find what is the real difference between these CPU's:
bulletPIII 550 with 512kB L2 Cache
bulletPIII 550 with 1024kB L2 Cache
bulletPIII 700 with 1024kB L2 Cache
bulletPIII 700 with 2048kB L2 Cache

Any help or pointers to other sites would be very much appreciated.

- - Jiwani, June 2000

See the questionCPU Scorekeeper Responds

Intel provides some indication of how its Xeon processor performance varies with L2 cache size on its Xeon Server Performance page, linked to our Vendor Benchmarks. As of this writing, only their Xeon Pentium-II 450MHz is featured, and performs something like this:

Xeon II 450 (L2: 1MB)
Pentium II Xeon 450 (L2: 1024) 486 transactions/second
Xeon II 450 (L2: 2MB)
Pentium II Xeon 450 (L2: 2048) 536 t/s = 10% faster

A good source for specific cache-related benchmarks is SPEC, the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation, also linked to our Independent Benchmarks page. SPEC is a non-profit organisation that provides standardised benchmarks to approved members, in an attempt to obtain useful cross-platform server performance results. SPEC's long-held CPU95 test suite has now been replaced by their newer CPU2000 benchmark software. However, being newer, fewer CPU2000 results have as yet been submitted by SPEC members, and no Xeon performance tests have been published. Still, from the wealth of the older CPU95 test results, the following can be shown about Xeon cache performance:

While the CPU95 benchmark tests are divided into integer and floating-point suites, we have averaged both results here to rate your processors of interest. The score bars have been normalised, based on the Xeon II 450 (1MB) performance shown above. The stated speed improvements are based only on cache size:

Xeon III 550 (L2: 512kB)
Pentium III Xeon 550 (L2: 512)
Xeon III 550 (L2: 1024kB)
Pentium III Xeon 550 (L2: 1024) 4% faster

Xeon III 700 (L2: 1024kB)
Pentium III Xeon 700 (L2: 1024)
Xeon III 700 (L2: 2048kB)
Pentium III Xeon 700 (L2: 2048) 12% faster

And because you requested it, we will endeavour to include more cache-related benchmark scores on our CPU Scorecard from now on.

Ask the CPU Scorekeeper


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