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Why the pop-up window ads?
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Dear CPU Scorekeeper

After I discovered your site, I liked the content well enough that I was considering mentioning it to the folks on an email list I'm on. But after finding myself repeatedly annoyed by your use of popup windows and Java and other such pointless trickery, I concluded that my own credibility would suffer if I made such a recommendation, so I didn't. Too bad...
-- Michael, September 2000

See the questionCPU Scorekeeper Responds

The CPU Scorecard is an advertiser-supported site, and many of our advertisers ask for the opportunity to provide special, targeted information through the use of pop-up window advertisements. Recognising that pop-up windows can, at times, interrupt one's surfing around the site, we currently use only the "pop-under" variety that appear after closing the main browser window.

Updated November 2001For those of you who do not want to see any kind of pop-up (-under, or otherwise) ads, you can now turn them OFF entirely by becoming a CPU Scorecard Plus subscriber.

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Ask the CPU Scorekeeper


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