Thanks for the OLD CPU's too
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Thanks for the OLD CPU's too
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Thanks for the OLD CPU's too

Just wanted to say that I think you have a fantastic site.

A few years ago, I was the benchmark geek, armed with my benchmarking disk and rating all of my friends computers, and then running down to all the local computer stores and doing the same on theirs. I complied many charts, and would fine tune my system, trying to crank every ounce of bitpower it could muster. Those days ended for awhile, and now coming back into my comparative mindset, I am not faced with just 15 processors anymore, but now near 100, I am sure.

It's easy though, since you have run them all through your mazes, and I should say the SAME maze - I hate it when you have one group of processors rated with one benchmark, and another series with another - no way to make a good comparison.

Anyway, I wanted to comment on your site, and tell you that I have enjoyed your somewhat recent addition of the ROPB (really-old-processor-benchmarks). It's great seeing my 1st 486-DX33 at a hearty 45, and realizing my 5th system that I am purchasing next week will be a Athlon 500, at almost 2000 on the charts.

- - Brad, November 1999
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