iMac DV Benchmarks?
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Dear CPU Scorekeeper

When are you guys going to update your Apple benchmarks to include the 450-500MHz iMacs and the dual processor G4's??

I really want to see how well they stack up (being a iMac DV SE user myself)

- - G, August 2000

See the questionCPU Scorekeeper Responds

The G3-450 and -500MHz processors powering the latest iMac DVs are now ranked on our CPU Scorecard, along with some typical prices.

We do not currently list dual-processor configurations (Mac or PC) on our Scorecard, in order to provide representative comparisons among all current personal computer processors. You can expect, however, that a dual processor system will perform up to about 80% faster than a single CPU platform, when running an operating system and applications optimised for multi-processor usage.

To see Apple's opinion on dual G4 performance, see our Vendor Benchmarks page.

Ask the CPU Scorekeeper


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