Celeron 600 vs. Pentium-III 667?
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Dear CPU Scorekeeper


(a) HP6642D W/ CELERON 533, 64MG memory and 7.5 GB hard drive,

(b) HP6644D W/CELERON 600, 64 MB memory and 15 GB hard drive OR

(c) HP8674D W/PENTIUM III 667, 128 MB memory and 30 GB hard drive.

If I select model B, how much speed will I be sacrificing and would I be able to upgrade to, say, a Celeron 700 later?

- - Evelyn, Oct 2000

See the questionCPU Scorekeeper Responds

First of all, according to Hewlett-Packard's support site, the HP Pavilion 8674D ships not with a Pentium-III 667MHz processor, but only a Pentium-III 600. Check the specs carefully before diving into your highest performing option.

In any case, you can visit our CPU Comparator to see just how your three chip choices compare. As the Comparator shows, the fastest system in your list (whether it comes with a Pentium-III 600 or 667MHz processor) will only be approximately 10-20% faster than option (b). Arguably as important in your decision will be the higher memory complement and larger hard drive of the faster system. The 128MB RAM model will definitely provide more pleasing performance for the additional price premium. If you can afford it, go for option (c) and your desktop will last a few more years before you will be wanting to upgrade.

Option (b) and its Celeron 600 will perform well for general office applications and internet use, although it may not be the best for the latest, greatest action games. It is upgradeable to 700MHz and beyond, as long as Intel continues to restrict its Celerons to the 66MHz bus design. However, that will be changing next year, as it is predicted that Celerons will jump to 100MHz bus speed motherboards as Intel's Pentium-4 line takes hold.

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