Mobile Celeron vs K6-III P?
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Dear CPU Scorekeeper

I'm looking for benchmark scores on the mobile Celeron-400 and the portable K6-III 380 to aid in a laptop buying decision. Your site has a score for the AMD laptop version, but not for the Intel.

Do you have such data, or know where I can get it?

- - Taylor, August 1999

See the questionCPU Scorekeeper Responds

Other than lower voltage requirements, the mobile Celeron-400 is not that much different than the desktop version. The performance score for both flavours should be about the same.

For general business applications (most common on laptops), the K6-III 380 provides better overall performance. Only if you are planning to run largely floating-point intensive apps (games, voice-recognition, etc.-- less common on a laptop) would the Celeron be a better choice.

Ask the CPU Scorekeeper


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