K6-3 380 vs. K6-2 400?
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Dear CPU Scorekeeper

I want to buy a Compaq laptop computer, but I don't know which model to buy. The price and all specs for the two models I'm looking at are identical except for the following:

Model #1 -- AMD K6-3 380 MHz with 1 MB L3 cache
Model #2 -- AMD K6-2 400 MHz with 1 MB L2 cache

Which laptop is going to perform better? Should I wait for the AMD K6-3 400 MHz to become available for laptop computers? Or should I go with an Intel processor?

The primary use for the laptop is speech recognition software (IBM VIAVoice).
- - Rem, July 1999

See the questionCPU Scorekeeper Responds

I'd recommend going with the K6-III 380, choosing between the two. As shown on our CPU Score list, the K6-III rates at least 40% faster than the K6-2 400, due to its on-board hi-speed L2 cache. You just have to ask yourself whether the price premium is worth the increased speed.

Ask the CPU Scorekeeper


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