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Overclocking an Omnibook
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Dear CPU Scorekeeper

I was wondering if you could give me any info on overclocking my Omnibook 5500CT (133MHz). Can it be done?

Also, is the CPU upgradable?

- - Dave, July 2000

See the questionCPU Scorekeeper Responds

Prompted by your question, we have now included some excellent overclocking references on our Overclocking topic page.

Given the vintage of your notebook and its Pentium-133 processor, we assume that you no longer have any delusions about warranty issues. Therefore, you may be able to squeeze some additional life out of your CPU by boosting your notebook's bus speed and/or CPU multiplier to achieve up to 166MHz. Check this site for specific advice.

Note that, as our CPU Comparator shows, this would only increase your speed by about 10%. And without cooling in your notebook, overclocking might fry your chip.

Your CPU upgrade options are very limited, as well. Whether in a 320-pin TCP (Tape Carrier Package) or 296-pin SPGA (Staggered Pin Grid Array), your fastest mobile Pentium option would only be at 150MHz--slower than your overclocking potential, and good luck finding one. It is also unlikely that your motherboard would support the lower voltage requirements of faster Pentium-MMX (up to 300MHz) processors built in a TCP design, although this might double your current speed.

To acceptably meet today's software requirements and take advantage of mobile multimedia, a new notebook would perhaps be a more satisfactory upgrade option. Consult our Price Comparison lists and the CPU Scorecard Store to see if we might have just the notebook you need.

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